With over 40 years of experience in the wood industry

Ismawood is now one of the leading companies in importing and distributing wood in Morocco.


semi-trailer trucks and flatbeds




warehouses in Casablanca and Mohammedia


square meters of storage capacity

Our range of products

HDF Panels

We obtain the HDF (High-Density Fiber) panel by compressing wood fibers under high…

Our Vital Assets

Beyond a well-established experience and reputation in the timber industry, ISMAWOOD offers you the following:

  • A wide range of woods and panels on its extensive 45,000 m2 locations between Casablanca and Mohammedia.
  • A panel factory capable of meeting the specific needs of our clients, continuously producing top-quality veneered panels, plywood, and veneered slatted panels in high-quality delicate wood species.
  • A showroom located at the headquarters in Aïn-Sebaa and a team of experienced sales representatives providing expert advice and recommendations.
  • A motivated, dynamic, and available staff of 170 to serve you.
  • A "Research & Development" department to cater to your customized panel orders.
  • Fast deliveries throughout the country, thanks to our fleet of 14 semi-trailers and platforms and 19 elevators, are Equipped with a GPS (with a rapidly growing fleet), ensuring state-of-the-art logistics.
  • A high-performing website to help you with all your needs.


Enjoys, Extensive experience and a well-established reputation in The wood industry



ISMAWOOD constantly grows by regularly acquiring new machinery, either to launch new manufacturing processes or to enhance the production process of a product.
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A dedicated Research and Development department focuses on :
- Exploring worldwide for new suppliers and products.
- Enhancing the quality of our manufactured products in our Mohammedia factory.


We seek to improve our services so that we are always one step ahead of the market and offer our customers attractive products that enable them to grow with us.

Our goal is to help you thrive in Your Projects

Request an Appointment

At Ismawood, we always listen to our clients and we constantly keep an eye on the market.

Identifying your needs

Our sales team can advise you on our range of products and offer you quality wood and panels tailored to your needs.

Order tracking

We ensure and follow up on your delivery through our trucks with various capacities.






We are always in tune with our customers and the market

At Ismawood, we strive always to be attentive to our customers and the market. Our sales team can advise you on our range of products and provide quality wood tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to help you prosper in your projects and, in this way, establish with you a unique relationship where both parties can work with simplicity and trust.

Wood 57%
Imported Panels 23%
Locally Manufactured Panels 20%